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Green Screen Hollywood

Commercial advertising has grown with technology, and even as Video advertising, has emerged as your Internet Spokesperson or Web Spokesperson, which can bring your website a dynamism, to attract traffic and promote your services and products. Imagine a video spokesperson who welcomes you as you visit a website, greets, and helps selling your products online. But to achieve these, only professional videos produced with Green Screen Hollywood technology is of great help.

Creating videos through this innovative technology is known by various names as chroma-key or Green Screen technology, and since it is extensively used these days in Hollywood it is identified as Green Screen Hollywood. Through this you can remove a color and replace another image to give a feeling as if you have shot the subject in the background location, the image of which you have used.

Green color is used not merely due to highly sensitive sensors of the digital cameras which we use for shooting the film, but also because green color is farthest away from humans’ natural skin color. Thus removal of the background becomes easy. In Hollywood, however, production studios use blue backgrounds also, as the color is “noisier”, and easier to be deleted from the film. Though, you should opt for Green Screen Hollywood technology, as it gives clearer results while editing on a digital system.

Videos produced through Green Screen Hollywood technology are the best to represent you as your website’s video spokesperson, as these offers a good resolution images rendering your messages direct and appealing. Videos are less demanding than the usual graphic websites. It is found that many do not like to go on searching a website for information, and thus a video spokesperson, can briefly present your case, and save the user time.

Green Screen Hollywood technology has helped online video advertising a lot, as there is clarity, quicker and extraordinary interaction with the web traffic, and becomes easier to convert the traffic into clients, improving your sales.

Though Green Screen Hollywood technology may offer you the best of technical aspects, unless you are able to produce a slick promo it will be of no use. Towards this, lighting is the key to get a quality video. Lighting up the green screen in even manner, is the secret. Depending upon how large is your green screen; you would be requiring at least two lights, to light up the screen. Lighting up the talent or actors is also equally important.

To ensure that Green Screen Hollywood technology gives you the best results, first try to see some examples of another company, which will guide you about the nuances of the quality video presentation. You should also ensure that the flash players are user friendly. You should ascertain before ordering a video through this technology whether the completed work is amenable to play a different video each time a visitor hits the button, or highlight a button to enable you to see different videos.

A video produced through Green Screen Hollywood technology as your spokesperson on your site will greatly boost your sales.