Apr 7, 2010

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Green Screen Stage Hollywood – Understanding

The primary step in attempting to understand Green screen stage Hollywood is to identify a studio that uses green screen or “chroma key” technology in its film and other productions. This is vital because to understand something, it is less complicated when it is physically present, obvious and within reach of whoever is making an attempt to know more. Most studios have a special room or area particularly reserved for chroma key technology aided flick and video productions. There are cases where stages can be momentarily set up in a room used for other reasons. In such a case, one of the walls is usually used as the screen.

In understanding green screen stages, it’s necessary to start from the fundamentals. That is, how a stage is developed from step 1 to the last step. To begin with, the materials have to be gotten. This is the material that may serve as the background. This is often a cardboard, tarpuline, or in cases where the wall is utilized as the screen, the wall. Naturally here the wall is not acquired. Rather, it can be identified. The following step is painting the chosen material green. The wall, cardboard or tarpuline is painted in the color green. It is of utmost signification that materials chosen for the stages are of top of the range, and not easily wrinkled or prone to tear. This is as the quality of Green screen stage Hollywood bear a direct effect on the standard of the final production, be it an image, video or film.

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