Apr 8, 2010

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Green Screen Stage Tip: Makes All The Difference

In film, video or photographic production, a green screen stage tip is a tool that can make the difference between an excellent piece of production and a mediocre production. To achieve a professional, interesting and exciting production, actors, filmmakers, photographers and other users of green screen or “chroma key” technology would be at an advantage using the following tips: The first green screen stage tip is to strike a good pose. In photography, the subject should pose in a manner that will make it easier for the photograph to blend with the background that will be introduced on the chroma key screen. For instance, if a background of the highest mountain is to be mounted, the final production would look more authentic if the subject poses in a manner likely to suggest that they are standing next to the mountain and so forth.

The other green screen stage tip is to use good backgrounds. The background to be introduced should be good, artistic and captivating. The quality of the background should be good such that it is in tandem with the portrait. Likewise, the photograph or video should be of a high quality to match with the good, high quality background.

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