Apr 9, 2010

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Green Screen Stage Tips – Important to Quality Production

An important aspect of ensuring good quality production of photographs, films or videos is adhering to green screen stage tips. However, there are numerous serious risks involved in ignoring these seemingly simple but very important tips. Without a good pose, the subject will clearly seem completely misplaced when the background is finally introduced. An example of a negative outcome of ignoring this tip is where the subject looks jovial, happy and in a very good mood against a background of a famine stricken setting with dying women, children and livestock.

Poor backgrounds, and bad ones at that, would bring to the fore the danger of ignoring green screen stage tips. This would be the tip of having a good background. A background with no appeal, which is dull and commonplace, would not enhance the appeal or innovation of a photograph, video or film. This in turn would not be bought by clients. Instead, clients would avoid the person who produces such work, hence bad business.

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