Mar 18, 2010

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Green Screen Studios LA: Unlimited Possibilites

Green Screen Studios LA: Unlimited Possibilites

With the wide ranging capacities of special effects crews, you can conjure up almost anything that you would like to. Yesterday, I was watching a picture where the actor was crouching on the side of a driveway, trying to escape from the enemy who was pursuing him. I wouldn’t have, for an instant, imagined that the full scene was shot in a green screen studio LA. The effect was so pragmatic that I could almost feel the discomfort that the actor was feeling, making an attempt to sit still in the midst of rats running all around him with the worst of the creepy crawlies out to get at him and masses more.

Similarly, I have always questioned how it was possible for men in uniform to be filmed during these grand action sequences. I am not talking about real life action, but remakes of that certain kind of army action; something that we do not frequently see all the time. I keep considering how the cameraman could get so close as to see the expression on the faces of these men, trying hard to progress and quell the fantastical demonic armed forces that were approaching. Now, I understand that these men never went anywhere near a battlefield. The whole thing was shot in a green screen studio LA.

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