Mar 24, 2010

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Make Better Films With Green Screen Studios Los An...

Make Better Films With Green Screen Studios Los Angeles

Ever imagined the film industry without the use of green screen? The majority of the films and footage that amazed people are products of Green Screen Studios Los Angeles technology. With the use of green screen, out of this world settings and amazing creatures are shown in films. Chroma has made the most unlikely possible due to the wonders it can bring films. Dramatic effects and computer generated photographs are all possible due to the help of green screen. The films like Titanic and Star Trek used green screen technology that made it look more realistic and creative. Green screen is considered as any filmmaker’s best pal but not all folk know how this technique works.

Green screen Green screen technology is about mixing two different images. Green screen is also popularly known as chroma key. Chroma works with a background image and a foreground image. The background is generally a solid color that’s either green or blue in color. It can be replaced with another picture. Green is preferred than blue. Why not red or pink? The explanation behind green or blue colours as background is really because video cameras and cameras are delicate to these colours. Filmmakers and photographers use these colors because they are more easy to use since it doesn’t need tedious lighting. As well as that, the color green has less noise and it makes cleaner lines compared to other colors. Green screens are chosen by huge productions and weather reports because it’s better to use and manipulate.

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