Apr 13, 2010

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Green Screen Stage Rentals: Great Shooting Method

Green Screen Stage Rentals is really a shooting method used to bring one’s creativity to actuality by placing an actor or subject in the foreground of a solid color backdrop screen. One of the main colors utilized is green because it is easy to work with and not as likely to clash with the foreground colors. This is why the word Green Screen Stage Rentals is employed to identify this type of media. We all watch the magic of Green Screen Stage Rentals or chroma key technologies everyday whenever we view the weather report on the daily news.

Measures found in making the Green Screen Stage Rentals effects are: 1) Filming the actor or subject matter in the foreground of the chroma key screen. 2) Once the film is finished, it is shifted towards the editing room where post production is performed by eliminating the green background and replacing the empty area with the preferred background images. An example is in the motion picture Spiderman in which he’s jumping between high buildings. 3) Throughout shooting of the first set of films, it is necessary to make use of correct lights to avoid shadows as well as to properly define the image outline. 4) Correct camera angles and distance is important for realism.

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